The Weave Xperts Take Bronner Brothers

Since my days at Cosmetology school I’ve visited the infamous Bronner Brothers hair show. A place where a Stylists can learn new techniques, meet Celebrities from all walks of life, or get lost in the many creative platform displays. 

With the wise advice from a seasoned attendee, I approached this show with an untaintable desire to learn. Little did I know, the more experience I gained in the Beauty Industry the more my desire to learn faded away. The classes became more focused On sales and less on education. There was one person however, that I was definitely able to learn from and her name....The infamous Tomeka James. 

Year after year I attended her classes and year after year I returned home with a desire to be greater than before. She traveled with a support team called the Weave Xperts. They would enter the room in a sleek all black attire, a helpful spirit, and many different varieties of Weave styles. “Oh if I could be apart of that team,”I said to myself. 

One day after attending one of Tomekas classes, I visited the booth where Weave Xpert Nicole told me about Team Tryouts, and oh how the gates of heaven opened for me! After a long and tedious 3 days of training...I MADE THE TEAM! 

So so here I am 6years strong in the Beauty Industry and an Esteemed member of the Weave Xperts International team where we “Train the World to Weave”. I can truly say that with the help of our founder Ms. Tomeka James we are changing the game and providing quality education for Stylist around the world! Don’t just take my word for it, come train with us and see for yourself!

What have you done for your hair lately?

After you have visited the salon to have your tresses treated and trimmed it's a good idea to protect and preserve while you sleep. 

Covering your hair with a silk or satin hair scarf or bonnet is the best way to avoid breakage and split ends. Cotton sheets can drain the hair of its natural moisture leaving hair dry and susceptible to break. 

So treat those tresses right!  

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Welcome to a New Year!

So it's 2018 huh? 

Well that just flew by. I don't know about you, but 2017 went by way to quickly! 💨

If you're familiar with the Give Me Mojo brand you know that we ended 2017 with a BANG! Yes literally! We ended with the Vision Planner Party. This was my very 1st women's empowerment event of 2017. You may be asking yourself...💭  "why so late in the year" well Studio Vamere (my salon suite) had just been established in January of 2017 soooo.. it was most definitely a busy year. Similar to moving into a new house, getting used to a new workspace was a tedious process, but enough about me.

How was the ending to your year? 👀  Did you accomplish the goals you made for yourself? Did you think about new goals for 2018? If you missed the Vision Planner Party those are exactly the things we spoke about. But no need to fret! 

We are in a New Year and I have plans to keep you on track, or at least attempt to. lol 😏

So, here are the things I'd like for you to do:

1. Think about 5-7 goals you have for the year

2. Narrow those down to 3 goals that are the most important

3. Write down the things you can do to accomplish those goals

*Remember to set SMART goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely

One of the important topics at the Vision Planner Party was to "Know Yourself." 

Knowing yourself is not something that happens overnight, it takes humility, acceptance, and constant observation. So TAKE YOUR TIME! Know that your vision for your life is YOURS!! Not everyone will understand, and they are NOT supposed to. This is about YOU and no one else. Having resources, supporters, and friends are great but understand that the journey belongs to you!

Live, Laugh, Love...